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Dynamic Dashboards for All

Dynamic Dashboards for All

Dynamic View Slicer

How to use a Dynamic View to deliver the correct information to multiple people

So, you have built a Dynamic View that brilliantly displays your information, now what we need to do is to make that work for multiple people where each person only sees the information that is relevant to them.

All you have to do is to select the relevant Slicer and set the ‘audience’.

In this example we are restricting the user (Karol) to only 1 Customer. But you could use this to set sales regions to sales teams, products to product managers and more.

So, when Karol opens the Dynamic View he only sees the 1 customer (Earthshaker Corporation), whereas the owner of that Dynamic View is able to see all the customers.

This significantly reduces your time to delivery, and increases the flexibility.

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