Prediction and Analytics made easy!

The combination of our powerful prediction engine and beautiful visuals, allow you to easliy keep track of your important information, spot trends and check KPI's
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Mobile Accessible
Access all your data on the go
Help and Support anytime
Access our Training, FAQs and Support Line from our Customer Area
Easy setup and configuration
Getting up and running is quick and easy, whether in the cloud or on premise, you'll be up and running in no time!
Don’t miss a thing
with Schedules and Notifications
Our advanced scheduler makes sure you never miss a report, with notification and email options included right out of the box
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Smart Tables

Making Data Warehousing Simple
Combine multiple data sources from different databases and formats
Easily schedule automatic data updates to suit your business and information
Easily create predictive models
Secure your data
Simplify your information delivery across the business and join the hundreds of existing users

Compatable with all Major Databases and Data Sources!

Running SAP HANA?

We are one of the select few Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools certified by SAP for use with SAP HANA.   So whether you are running Business One, S4HANA, On Demand or Any other SAP HANA solution. We are the Go To provider for all your information needs!



Running One Of The Following SQL Database Engines?

  • FireBird
  • Lotus Notes
  • Ingres
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Progress OpenEdge
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Sybase

we’ve got you covered, You’re supported right out of the box!

We are compatable with most major datasources, that includes Excel, Access, CSV, Text, XML, IBM AS/400 (iSeries), SAP Business One (HANA and SQL), Sage, Oracle, MongoDB, IBM Domino and many others.

If we don’t already support your datasource we’d love to, just send us a message and we’ll happily consider adding it to a future update!

Vogue UKAlbert JaggerAmerican And EfirdStanley Security Solutions
"Enhanced BI has been an integral part of our ERP solution and is classed as a module in its own right.  With scheduled reports, daily, weekly and monthly it has provided significant results in producing our KPI (key business performance indicators).  This has allowed us as a management team of; Directors and Senior Managers, to receive information on customer and product trends enabling us to make key strategic decisions affecting our business in the shortest time frame possible."
Vogue UK
IT Manager
“Since we adopted Enhanced BI we have installed it in most of our 100 plus customers and even started selling to new customers who may have no interest in our ERP applications. Now we focus on the distribution and manufacturing functions in our ERP software and leave the reporting tools to the experts, EBI Software!” “…we can get to design exactly what we need in our reports”
Albert Jagger
Enhanced BI is part of the IT system in our  European headquarters in Slovenia.  This allows up to the minute reports on all aspects of the business at the push of a button. Enhanced BI provides all the scheduled production reports for our management team automatically and efficiently
American And Efird
IT Manager
“Enhanced BI enables us to produce both ad-hoc as well as over 60 scheduled management reports – which cover all areas of the business. It helped streamline the month end process. Our Service Centre uses an Oracle database to look after customer service. With Enhanced BI it is so easy to combine data from both the Oracle and the i-Series databases"
Stanley Security Solutions
IT Manager
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