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SMART UI - Membership and Loyalty

The EBI SMART User Interface is the easy way to manage your membership or loyalty program.

It is specifically designed to integrate with all of your business’s software systems. 

Taking data, from each system, SMART UI presents accurate business information and delivers a single source of truth through its easy to read Dynamic Views. 

It’s more than just reporting on productivity and sales. 

It’s more than just managing cash flow and expenditure. 

It’s about understanding the detail of a business and how it’s run on a daily basis.

Helping you with actionable insights to run it better.

The Smart-UI e-Marketing Module works with leading Membership and CRM systems.

Integrating our Smart-UI Module with your systems simplifies any promotion or campaign process to your members.  Using the module will increase footfall, extend dwell time and maximise spend per head.