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EnhancedBI is our Business Intelligence software which is used to consolidate data from multiple sources and show it in a concise, easy to read manner.

EnhancedBI brings together all your Production, Logistics, and Accounting information into one system to show your business performance. It has the ability to schedule reports regularly, ensuring the data seen is accurate and up-to-date.  

It has the options of on-site installation or Cloud access depending on your business needs. 

Customisable Dynamic Views can be used to ensure the only data you see is what you need to see. The Dynamic Views can be “locked” to specific users for security purposes, These users can only see Dynamic Views they have been granted access to.

Machine Learning prediction allows you to prepare for the future, this can easily be integrated into our Dynamic Views to provide you with easy-to-read predictions for the future, or just to see the trends in your business.

Compatible with all modern browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, meaning no additional software installation is required for the end user.

Accesssible on Mobile devices to keep you up-to date wherever you are. On Mobile, all you need is an internet connection and you can run reports and even check Dynamic Views on the go.