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EBI Infrastructure Services

EBI Software, pride ourselves on providing a ‘Complete’ IT solution to our customers, from the initial consultation going through to the final installation with the system being tested to completion.

Software Procurement

Our software procurement packages cover all aspects, from initial procurement to licensing and installation.

The first step starts with the initial consultation which will identify the software packages suitable for your specific company needs. This will range from the operating system required through to email and antivirus packages.

Hardware Procurement

Hardware can be a minefield! Our professional hardware team with years of experience are up to date with the current trends, new products and technologies to assist in finding the best solution for your business, which allows your company to have a competitive advantage over your competitors. From providing minimum or recommended specifications of machines and servers to purchase, to setup and installation of equipment.


System Installation

EBI Software, plan and manage the installation process to make sure that any system installation has minimum impact to staff and business functionality. This will be done with a provided timeframe of what will be installed, where it will be installed and the expected installation date. After everything has been installed we will then perform a full test on your system to ensure everything is working correctly.

We aim to provide a reliable system which matches the business requirements as well as providing the opportunity to expand in the future.


Having Partnered with Structured Cabling, we are able to provide the best solution to fit your needs. This incorporates fitting and securing wall ports and wireless access points to making sure your ethernet connections are working flawlessly, all with the through of business as usual. From initial planning, to installation and testing, we can ensure your business has all the required infrastructure for its needs.