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Radio Button

New ‘Radio Button’ option on a Slicer Visual

We have added a ‘Single select’ mode to Slicer Visuals. In this mode only one item can be selected at the same time – so the slicer now acts like a radio button.

Dynamic View Slicer

Dynamic View – for all

How to use a Dynamic View to deliver information to multiple people? One Dynamic View can display information that is seen and used by multiple people where each person  (par the owner of the document) only views the information that is relevant to them. How to do this? All you have to do is to…
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Homescreen Tile with Data

24/7 Performance Figures

Now you can review all of your key performance figures directly from the HomeScreen at any time -you are in control. As you can see, any negative numbers are automatically highlighted in red.

Smart UI Updates

The latest version of EnhancedBI (Smart UI)  has been released. The changes are: – added image files to the resulting .XOB file when exporting Dynamic Views with Image Visuals – this enables the Export/Import of the Dynamic View from system to system (very useful for our partners) – added the ability to add all the…
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Smart UI Import/Export Updates

The latest version of EBI’s Smart-UI  has been released. We have enhanced the Import/Export routine to resolve conflicts by renaming imported objects. This is mainly aimed at our customers who have Modules from us which deliver application database specific dashboards and Dynamic Views – for example – SAP, Maxim, Orion and  Prof-IT. If a previous…
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Now You Can Measure It – So Now You Can Manage It

As we shared yesterday – we had been working on the Contingency Planning Module. This was created through SMART UI. We spent time, as a team working, remotely of course, reviewing and testing the Dynamic View against our test system, and then uploaded this to our Customers’ SMART UI software. A brief conference call later…
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If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

After having many calls with industry colleagues over recent days, we at EBI got to work over on something new.  We’ve gathered our thoughts and focussed our efforts towards developing a new feature for our SMART UI software.  This new feature is a Contingency Planning Module.  It’s designed to help our SMART UI Bingo Customers…
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