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EnhancedBI – V

EnhancedBI – V

The latest version of EnhnancedBI has been released.

This introduces a number of new additons and also a fix rollup

The additions are:

– added the ability to list the Objects which populate and use a given Smart Table – this enables you to locate the data source

– added the ability to display percentages in Pie Chart Visuals

– added the ability for Views to have descriptions – this provides for a descriptive narrative for the view

– moved the DV owner label from the header to the Properties dialog – this makes the DV title easier to read

The Fix rollup contains:

– fixed an issue with the Login screen being inaccessible when EBI is configured to use Active Directory on an incorrectly configured server

– fixed an issue with the Document Objects feature throwing an error when used on LPs with Runtime Variables in non-EP steps

– fixed an issue with changing the ownership of a View which uses Runtime Variables

– fixed an issue with updating a scheduled LP when it uses the “Initialize Variable” LP step

– fixed an issue with the “Use next variable value” LP step reporting the source MS Access Dictionary-based Variable as being empty